About the Iron Yard

The Iron Yard is the largest code school in the country. We teach intensive, 12-week courses that mentor our students into professional junior-level programmers. Our classes goes far beyond tactical skill and teach people to think like software engineers. Programming is a lifelong study, and our process shows students how to learn on their own they remain highly valuable throughout their careers. We also help each graduate find work after the program through our career support program and ongoing education tracks.


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This is an abbreviated history of the Iron Yard. You can head over to our About page to read the long version.

The NEXT Big Thing (2011)

  • Peter Barth helps launch the NEXT Innovation Center is born
  • Peter collaborates with the Global Accelerator Network to launch The Next Big Thing startup accelerator

The Iron Yard is Born (2012)

  • Mentors from around the country come to Greenville to guide the first accelerator cohort
  • The Next Big Thing and CoWork (a famous coworking space in Greenville, SC) decide to join forces and create a new brand, The Iron Yard.

Grok, the Digital Health Accelerator and Kids Coding Classes (2012)

  • The Iron Yard publicly launches branding and website in May 2012
  • Grok, an un-conference for design and development, is hosted by the Iron Yard
  • The Iron Yard Accelerator graduates its first cohort of startups
  • The Iron Yard’s Digital Health Accelerator is created in partnership with a group of investors from Spartanburg, SC
  • Eric Dodds (who volunteered at the aforementioned Grok and helped develop the Iron Yard brand and website) joins the Iron Yard full-time to help Peter run the accelerator programs
  • Mason Stewart, startup front-end engineer extraordinaire, approaches TIY about teaching free coding classes for kids in the Iron Yard’s space;
  • The Iron Yard sponsors the kids program and classes quickly grow into a wait list of hundreds of students

Code education for adults (early 2013)

  • Peter and Eric have their first discussions about the need for more development talent in the Southeast to build infrastructure for the startups coming out of the accelerator program
  • The idea of code classes for adults emerges as the answer to the problem
  • Mason Stewart, who had already begun to think about teaching full time, joins The Iron Yard as a partner and writes the first version of the Front End Engineering curriculum
  • The first Front End Engineering cohort graduates and get jobs (some starting their own companies) and the curriculum and staff evolve as the second cohort begins
  • The Iron Yard gains national press and recognition through the success of both the Accelerator and the Academy

The Accelerator charges on (mid 2013)

    • Both Accelerator programs (Greenville and Spartanburg) graduate additional cohorts, who travel the country on fundraising trips pitching their products to audiences of thousands
    • The Iron Yard portfolio companies get national coverage and raise capital from angels and venture firms

The Academy becomes the largest code school in the country (2014)

  • John Saddington, a serial entrepreneur and long-time mentor in the Accelerator program, joins the Iron Yard to help scale the business
  • Over eight months, four new courses are added to the Academy’s offerings, the staff is grown from four to over 30 team members and campuses are launched in Charleston, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Houston, Orlando, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Columbia, Austin, and Washington, D.C., making TIY the largest code school in the country

Where is the Iron Yard headed?

  • The Iron Yard will launch additional campuses in the future, but is currently focused on maintaining and enhancing the quality of current operations, improving on curriculum, tools, mentorship opportunities and career support programs.