Peter Barth

Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Peter went to Vanderbilt University and studied computer engineering, which naturally led to him becoming an options executive on Wall Street. After the financial markets had worn out their welcome, he packed his family up, moved to Indianapolis and returned to his hacker roots as a software developer and CTO for SinglePoint, Inc. After several other successful startup exits, he moved his family to Greenville, SC, where he helped start NEXT and build the NEXT Innovation Center and founded The Iron Yard. He currently serves as our CEO and is sometimes referred to as “The Iron Barth.”

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Marty Bauer

Managing Director

Marty is not your typical Managing Director. Although he used to weigh 300 pounds and make crying babies of Division I defensive linemen, he is now a gentle-hearted husband to his wife, Sarah, father to his pooch, Shakey, and fearless leader of the startup company Ridepost. His superhuman abilities allow him to also serve as the head of all things Accelerator at The Iron Yard. He is learning the art of the home brew, and is an avid fly-fisherman.

@bauermarty RidePost


Ryan J. Negri

Managing Director, Las Vegas

Ryan grew up in Wisconsin, starting his first business when he was 4 years old – selling golf balls. Since then, he’s graduated from St. Cloud State University, founded and sold Negri Electronics, founded a few more companies, and now runs Las Vegas’ first Hospitality and Gaming Accelerator. Ryan lives in Summerlin (outside of Vegas) with his wife and two miniature golden retrievers.

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